It was created in 2006, dedicating ourselves fully to everything related to professional lighting.
We formally started here in
1999, serving recognized brands such as COEMAR, VARI LITE, STUDIO DUE, ROBE, SGM, FAL, GRIVEN, DTS all the old-school robotic lighting.
Now we are focused on new LED technologies, and computer-controlled lighting systems.
We have extensive experience in different lighting software, such as MADRIX, SUNLITE, RESOLUME and many more .
LM ILUMINACION®  , has customized projects, throughout the Mexican Republic and Mexico City.
We perform services in Professional Lighting as well as:
- RGB Dance floors
- Led Pixel Dance Floor .
We have experience in training in "old and new" school lighting, as well as programs present.
LM ILUMINACION® offers national and international services We are at your service for any questions, services or questions.

We are located in a Mexico City , We carry out projects such as: Night Centers, Casinos, mobile and temporary projects, architectural lighting among others . We are qualified to solve each of your doubts or needs.
WELCOME. We want you to feel at home.

My name is Raúl Carrión CEO / LightingDesigner of LM ILUMINACION®, I appreciate the time you take to.
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We have the best technology to make your project come alive. Let us be part of your dream, we will gladly advise you .....

Lighting Training

LM ILUMINACION® knows how important it is to make a good show, or operate lighting software, so we want you to learn from the experts. 

We have training and face-to-face training in: 

MADRIX (All versions and models)

 Lighting training for ( Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)

 Lighting Old and New School

Repairing Lighting Equipment for Show (Previous electronic knowledge)

We have special training for churches, Christian and congregational. 

Operation Project Design Preventive maintenance.


Once the LM ILUMINACION® form has been sent, the mail will be returned to you for the subsequent delivery of the design.
It will also include time of arrival at your destination and payment method

In the lighting industry, there

are a number of luminaires that carry metal  and Lito gobos, that is why LM ILUMINACION® has the service and manufacture of personalized gobos. To give you an excellent service we need you to complete this form. to the whole planet.


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Mexico City Times
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sundays from 11 a.m to 2:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday